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                                       Season Three: Our Guests

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Jim DeLash
The US Marketing
Director of Customer
Experience for Vaccines


Lori Hancock-Holland
Director of the
Multi-Channel Integration
Team for Oncology



R.J. Lewis
Founder and CEO
eHealthcare Solutions


Amy Turnquist
Executive Vice President
of Digital
eHealthcare Solutions



Paul Kudlow
Strategic Advisor


James Brady
Founder & President
James T. Brady Inc.


Devin Gregorie 
National Sales Manager Frontline Medical Communications. 

Mike Guire, 
Vice President of Sales
Frontline Medical Communications.

Tracey Sears 
Frontline Medical Communications.

Season Two: Our Guests

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 EP 1




Matthew Holland
Chief Commercial Officer

Joan-Marie Stiglich
Chief Content Officer

John C. Carter
Chief Operating Officer
The Wyanoke Group




EP 2 




 Alejandro Alvarez
Director of Business
Development and
Strategic Partnerships

Denis Conlon
VP of Marketing



Sumner Mering
Director of
Commercial Sales




  EP 3




Benji Kayne
VP of Experiential
and Learning Events





EP 4 

Dora Shankman
Shankman Marketing
& Media




EP 5

 Sima Sherman
Founder & President
Sherman Medical Marketing Group

Eugene Lee
Chief Operating Officer

Jim Woodland
Chief Strategy & Financial Officer

Season One: Sneak Peek

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S1, EP 1:
David Reim

Chief Privacy Officer


Two keys for collecting data from an end user: transparency and end user control of their data. He says companies can take an offensive or defensive stance with regard to data privacy.
Defense means privacy compliance in order to avoid litigation. "Offensively, is to say, 'this is what my users want and I am going to be very up front with their data and allow them to control it as much as possible."

S1, EP 2:
Stephanie Hanaway

Director of Journal Media

  Hanaway says AAFP members have high expectations for data
She says "trust" is the AAFP's guiding principle.

"As an association, if we break our members' trust, we don't
have members, and then we do not exist," she says. "They
trust us with their data. We are not going to break that trust, period."

 S1, EP 3:
Jon Bigelow

Executive Director

  The big problem is the potential for every state to create its own privacy law(s), which is almost "untenable" from an industry
perspective. "The second big issue is the burden on the consumer/
user," Bigelow says. "You don't really know what you are agreeing 
to... to think simply clicking 'I Agree' is consent is laughable."
 S1, EP 4:
Dr. Augustine Fou

Digital Ad Fraud Investigator
Marketing Science Consulting Group

  The bar should be raised in medical media. "Everyone is conscious of it and is trying to do the right thing," he said. "But what other steps can you take? Instead of having 30 or 40 third-party trackers on your website, you might want to only have five.

He encouraged medical media to "keep evolving
with your data privacy. Be proactive, and do not wait for legislation."

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