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KOLs, Thought Leaders, and Influencers –

Redefine the Roles and Media Strategies

September's Educational Forum
Thursday, September 19th Beginning at 4:30 PM
Philadelphia, PA (CMI/Compas Offices)

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The September Educational Forum will kick off with a presentation by David Mays who founded Scientific Engagement Strategies, LLC.  David has over 25 years in the medical and professional education fields. He most recently spent 12 years at JOHNSON & JOHNSON and led their Global Scientific Engagement group. He has a Doctorate in Pharmacy and spent 10 years on the faculty of the University of Maryland as Associate Professor.

David will present what pharma marketers are addressing…the need to connect their HCP and DTC media strategies and redefine the roles of KOLs, thought leaders and influencers. As the communications platforms in the digital age change what channels clinicians and patients use, pharma marketers need to evaluate their media and content opportunities. These changes are impacting media strategies and redefining the roles and types of marketing content needed for different audiences. The presentation will be followed by a Q&A, moderated by Leslie Laredo to discuss and explore new opportunities for collaboration between publishers and agencies to help pharma marketers optimize the channels and content for connecting with their audiences. We encourage you to read David Mays’article so you can start to think about questions about this transformative topic.

The keynote will be followed by a panel discussion made up of publisher and agency leaders to rethink strategies that expand pharma messaging across channels for the clinician and patient audiences. You will gain insights into how to develop media assets that connect HCP and DTC advertising and promotion efforts.

The Panel Includes: 

Moderator:  Leslie Laredo, President, Academy of Digital Media 

Sally Tronco Cioci, Group Publisher, Dermatology News & Pediatric News
David Mays
, Founder, Scientific Engagement Strategies, LLC
Liz McShea, Associated Director - Social Media, CMI/Compas
Brad Rzendzian,
 Oncology Sales Specialist, Jassen 

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Before the Forum...

A Special Training Course From the Academy of Digital Media
Storytelling for Media: How to Express Insights and Inspire Decisions

This Storytelling for Media curriculum, instructed by Leslie Laredo, teaches media professionals how to harness the power of storytelling.  Storytelling is the most effective method to inspire, influence decision-making and deliver distinctive and unique perspectives. Students of this course will gain the skills to advance ideas, explain outcomes, expand relationships, and gain support or approval for a strategy or plan.  

Our curriculum highlights the science that explains why storytelling is so effective; provides the framework for developing a story; and details the process of curating data and facts to generate insights. The course provides the story framework or structure for how to shift from facts to delivering your vision and wisdom. 


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